Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Curious about What I Eat Daily?

Alright, so obviously my grandiose plans for turning this into a food blog have remained nascent, to say the least. However, I have been posting what I eat daily for the past ten days, here: Vegan_Foodblog. Over in LiveJournal land, my user name is withinmywill (don't ask. I was young). Here's today's entry to give you a sampling:

breakfast: apple-cinnamon oatmeal / Lipton tea

lunch: veggie samosa from the Campus Mini Mart / tortilla chips and salsa

dinner: cheese-less pizza with peppers, corn, onion, basil, seasoning, etc. / steamed broccoli / tofu stir fry and white rice / zesty rice with read beans / grape juice mixed with sparkling water / citrus peace juice mixed with sparkling water

dessert: pomelo