Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hippocrates Throwback

I watched this video, and it made me miss Hippocrates extraordinarily.

I miss my room, and my roommate, especially. My roommate passed away about a month and a half ago, unfortunately. She was one of the most radiant people I met while there. Though she had difficult eating (she had to blend most of her food) due to the surgery that she had to remove tumors from her jaw, when I was talking to her I forgot that she had ever had any ailment. I really want to live out her memory and remember not to get too burdened down by life. One of the first things she told me was to never think that you can never find true love, because she found true love at about sixty years old. She really did have a beautiful spirit. Arna, I miss you.

Hippocrates really was a beautiful place, though it is somewhat shabby-chic.

I especially miss the food:

Most of all I miss how I felt mentally while there. The joy and love in the place is really amazing. It sounds cheesy, but I really was in a completely blissful mental state there. I felt capable of everything! Then, I came to college and quickly became burdened with so much responsibility and now I'm struggling to cope with these responsibilities while maintaining a positive outlook.

I'm hoping to get into some Tai Chi and Qigong up here in Boston. One of my favorite activities at Hippocrates was the Tai Chi, and I found that it brought me a lot of mental calmness and clarity, so I hope that I can bring a little bit of that back into my life.