Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Step at a Time

I know that being raw is the healthiest thing I can do for my body. That's not the issue. It's the convenience and over-availability of non-raw food that gets me. I've decided to try to get back to it as best as I can, though.

Therefore, I'm doing something that I scoffed at a little bit at first. Because I went to Hippocrates, I was able to jump into being a raw vegan with both feet forward. I was totally gung-ho about it, even though I knew it would be a challenge in college life. Now, after several steps backward, I'm moving forward once again. I'm committing myself to being vegan, at the least. Whenever I go to the dining hall and prepare a meal, it always conforms to the Hippocrates diet, more or less, because they have a great salad bar (even if they don't always have the pea sprouts that I requested). It's when I'm offered a slice of cake or a cookie that I'm tempted.

When I became a vegetarian, I decided I wasn't eating meat and that was that. I don't know why this is so much trickier. I know it's much more extreme, but I have a lot of faith in my mental resolve.

I'll be going home Wednesday morning, and I know that my parents will be extremely encouraging, and I think that will help me.

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  1. You can do it!