Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raw Card

Upon graduation at Hippocrates Health Institute, along with my diploma and manna bread for the plane, I got my "raw card."

This card is to be used whenever you go to a restaurant and don't want to sit and explain the complexities of your diet to the waitress.

Therefore, I decided to use it the first time I ate out with my family after coming back from Hippocrates. The first time we ate out, however, happened to be at an airport restaurant in Chicago. My family expressed their doubts, saying, "they probably prepare all of the meals ahead of time." I decided it was worth a shot. The waitress kindly took my card, and soon enough, a fantastic raw vegan salad was produced!

I ate it with some oil and vinegar. I normally don't eat vinegar as it acidifies the stomach, but I couldn't quite bring myself to eating the salad with only oil.

Who said airplane food had to be gross?!


  1. Nice! I always feel weird ordering and asking if things are steamed or raw, my family is okay with it but sometimes I feel weird!

  2. I've just found your blog and glad I did! I've just began life as a student again and I'm finding it quite hard to find decent vegan food, let alone raw (being in a different country does't help much either). Keep posting! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  3. Wonderful! I find it hard eating all raw in my travels. I pack raw bars, raw chocolate covered nuts..ect...in my suitcases. Otherwise its fresh coconuts, salads, fruits and add a little vegetarian. I love reading your updates!

    Brightest Blessings~

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