Sunday, September 13, 2009

So What Do You Eat? (part 1)

A very common question that I get nowadays is, basically, "so what exactly do you eat?

Well, while I was at home in Illinois, I was able to make myself a very delicious concoction. Every Saturday night at Hippocrates, we had "ice cream." There were two varieties: banana and nutmilk for people who couldn't have fruit (i.e. me). The banana was made by literally putting a frozen banana through a juicer (without the screen that separates the pulp from the juice). Also, for those who could eat fruit, there was a delicious (or so I hear, since I never had the pleasure of tasting it) date sauce for it. The nutmilk ice cream, however, was a trickier task, since it involved an ice cream maker.

Therefore, I sadly went home, thinking that I would never have the delicious taste of frozen pine nut cream, walnut cream, stevia, maple flavoring, cinnamon, and pure vanilla flavoring touch my taste buds again. By some miracle, however, we just happened to have an ice cream maker sitting in the garage! So, of course, I made myself a delicious batch of raw vegan, sugar-free, ice cream.

The ice cream maker.

The ice cream! In a cute ice cream bowl, too. Oh, and yes, that is a picture I drew in elementary school that has been laminated into a placemat.


  1. I LOVE my ice cream maker and I haven't used it in a YEAR. I am thinking of making some blueberry cashew ice cream I saw on a blog.

    You are in MA! Do you go to Organci Garden or Grezzo?

  2. You should make some homemade ice cream! It's absolutely delicious. I can give you the more precise recipe for the nutmilk ice cream if you'd like!

    I've been to Grezzo, but I've never ventured out to the 'burbs to Organic Garden. Though I'm in Medford, I don't have a car, so it's sometimes easier for me to venture downtown than go somewhere closer!