Friday, September 4, 2009

Move-In Day!

Tomorrow I move in for the second time at Tufts. I'm going to be setting up my juicer and trying to figure out how to live the raw vegan lifestyle in a traditional dorm.

Sorry for not having any updates since my first - the few days I've had between Hippocrates and the beginning of college have been really hectic!

One thing that's been interesting (and a bit troubling) is how I've been losing weight after Hippocrates. Lots of people lost a significant amount of weight during their three weeks (or less) there, but I didn't shed a single pound. However, since I've left, I haven't been eating as much (often one solid meal a day rather than two), or as regularly as I was at Hippocrates. Additionally, I haven't been juicing, since I didn't have the juicer, or eating as many nuts or avocado. Hopefully once I get back in a routine, I'll maintain my weight better.

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