Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I exist!

I'm finding very quickly that being raw vegan in college is hard enough. What's even harder is keeping up a blog about it.

Since I've gotten to college, I've done a lot of things:
- sprouted legumes (red and green lentils, fenugreek, garbanzo, etc.)
- hydroponically grown sunflower sprouts
- hydroponically grown wheat grass
- juiced various combinations of kale, cucumber, celery, sunflower sprouts, sweet pea sprouts, and wheatgrass
- been to the Davis Square farmers' market in Somerville, as well as the Haymarket deal in Boston proper
- been to the closest Shaw's at 2:00 in the morning and stocked up on lots of organic things including raw food bars with bad food combining
- began to dabble in fruit eating once again
- eaten a lot of things that aren't quite Hippocrates, raw, or even gluten free, but are vegan..
- been interviewed for a magazine at San Francisco State University called [X]Press about being raw in college

I have pictures of a lot of things, and stories to accompany these. I'll write detailed updates at some point when I'm not trying to do a problem set for International Economics, revise a Spanish essay, and study for an insane exam for an equally insane class (colloquium) that is literally called EPIIC

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