Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I exist!

I'm finding very quickly that being raw vegan in college is hard enough. What's even harder is keeping up a blog about it.

Since I've gotten to college, I've done a lot of things:
- sprouted legumes (red and green lentils, fenugreek, garbanzo, etc.)
- hydroponically grown sunflower sprouts
- hydroponically grown wheat grass
- juiced various combinations of kale, cucumber, celery, sunflower sprouts, sweet pea sprouts, and wheatgrass
- been to the Davis Square farmers' market in Somerville, as well as the Haymarket deal in Boston proper
- been to the closest Shaw's at 2:00 in the morning and stocked up on lots of organic things including raw food bars with bad food combining
- began to dabble in fruit eating once again
- eaten a lot of things that aren't quite Hippocrates, raw, or even gluten free, but are vegan..
- been interviewed for a magazine at San Francisco State University called [X]Press about being raw in college

I have pictures of a lot of things, and stories to accompany these. I'll write detailed updates at some point when I'm not trying to do a problem set for International Economics, revise a Spanish essay, and study for an insane exam for an equally insane class (colloquium) that is literally called EPIIC

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So What Do You Eat? (part 1)

A very common question that I get nowadays is, basically, "so what exactly do you eat?

Well, while I was at home in Illinois, I was able to make myself a very delicious concoction. Every Saturday night at Hippocrates, we had "ice cream." There were two varieties: banana and nutmilk for people who couldn't have fruit (i.e. me). The banana was made by literally putting a frozen banana through a juicer (without the screen that separates the pulp from the juice). Also, for those who could eat fruit, there was a delicious (or so I hear, since I never had the pleasure of tasting it) date sauce for it. The nutmilk ice cream, however, was a trickier task, since it involved an ice cream maker.

Therefore, I sadly went home, thinking that I would never have the delicious taste of frozen pine nut cream, walnut cream, stevia, maple flavoring, cinnamon, and pure vanilla flavoring touch my taste buds again. By some miracle, however, we just happened to have an ice cream maker sitting in the garage! So, of course, I made myself a delicious batch of raw vegan, sugar-free, ice cream.

The ice cream maker.

The ice cream! In a cute ice cream bowl, too. Oh, and yes, that is a picture I drew in elementary school that has been laminated into a placemat.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Move-In Day!

Tomorrow I move in for the second time at Tufts. I'm going to be setting up my juicer and trying to figure out how to live the raw vegan lifestyle in a traditional dorm.

Sorry for not having any updates since my first - the few days I've had between Hippocrates and the beginning of college have been really hectic!

One thing that's been interesting (and a bit troubling) is how I've been losing weight after Hippocrates. Lots of people lost a significant amount of weight during their three weeks (or less) there, but I didn't shed a single pound. However, since I've left, I haven't been eating as much (often one solid meal a day rather than two), or as regularly as I was at Hippocrates. Additionally, I haven't been juicing, since I didn't have the juicer, or eating as many nuts or avocado. Hopefully once I get back in a routine, I'll maintain my weight better.