Monday, August 31, 2009

Fresh from Hippocrates

I returned the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL two days ago. I spent three weeks learning about raw food preparation, tai chi, meditation, sprouting, growing wheatgrass, making a mean green drink, every aspect of colon health, how garlic cures everything, and much, much more.

The reason I decided to embark on this journey was because roughly two months ago, I was diagnosed with moderate to severe (depending on which conversation with my rheumatologist to which you would like to refer) rheumatoid arthritis. I've had the condition since I was sixteen, but this summer it became unbearable. Therefore, I confirmed my mother's fears, by allowing an absurd number of tubes of blood be drawn from my arm. A week later, I returned to my rheumatologist as she went over numbers on a paper. My rheumatoid factor was supposed to be under 10 IU/mL. It was 120 something. My anti-CCP autoantibody was similarly absurdly high. I had rheumatoid arthritis. My mom cried. The doctor and I were puzzled. I had no genetic link. She was sure of one thing: "Nothing caused this. You didn't do anything wrong." My doctor was quick to hand me pamphlets of drugs and detail the options I had - from injections to oral medications, antibiotics to forms of mild radiation. I was to choose one to take for the rest of my life. Predisone should be taken as soon as possible to alleviate swelling.

Long story short, I decided to seek out a cure for my "incurable" disease. A one-week visit to Hippocrates was in order, and after I spent a few days there, the stay was soon extended to the full three-week "Life Change" program.

The night before my trip the intensity of what I was about to do dawned on me. I desperately searched for information on raw veganism online, only finding disjointed sources. Even more frustrating, I tried to find some sort of information on being a raw vegan in college, or at least the reassurance that somebody was doing it. Nothing.

Now, I'm at home, trying to figure out where to buy sprouts and if the conventional (non-organic) baby carrot I ate is going to kill me. In four days, I'll be in Rhode Island, picking up my stuff, and in six days, I'll be driving back to Tufts University to start my sophomore year, leading a radically different lifestyle than that of freshman year. This blog will detail my journey.


  1. bon voyage!

    I was originally going to wish you luck, but I found that the word "voyage" applied more to this chataqua that you have chosen to embark upon. A little luck couldn't hurt though. So, good luck!

    (yes, i liked your post)

  2. Wow, good for you for seeking out an alternative route! I love HHI, hope to become a certified HHI educator someday!

    Recently wrote an article on them...


  3. I am a Raw Vegan and am a Sophmore in college... So,'re not alone! Being a raw vegan in college can be difficult especially if you rely on a meal plan. I eat organic when possible, but the cafeteria salad bar that I eat from a lot is not organic. I also keep some vegetables and fruits in my mini fridge and sprout seeds myself in my dorm. Don't be discouraged...You can totally do this even in a college setting!